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Thread: Wicked Farmer's Easter Posting...don't let my name fool you.

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  1. Default Wicked Farmer's Easter Posting...don't let my name fool you. 
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    Mar 2009
    Tonight I place my Easter basket waiting for the bunny to deposit candy there. My Grandparents gave me the basket 40 years ago; it is tradition for me. Why there is a Easter Bunny; I could not tell you as I am ignorant as to the reason.

    You will see me chime in on threads that talk of Bible thumpers, or dealing with the church community. I do more thumping the heads of Christians who are only too eager to shake their finger at non Christians; than I thump my Bible quoting it against the world. The Bible was not meant to be a weapon to use against our fellow man beating him into submission to conform to a certain way. It is a collection of first hand accounts of people who were around that first Easter and much more. It is history as well as still changing the world today. At the core is a message of a Creator who gave man free will. Free will to do as he will. Not wanting a puppet or as we know an "anamatronic" without a soul or programmed like our props to say "I love you God"; he made man a living-thinking-free will being.

    Well; free will is great. But at times it is our own downfall. I am no Bible scholar by any means. I am a dirt farmer first and foremost. But I understand it enough to know that my/anybodys true wickedness means a separation from the Creator. That is where Easter comes in. A hundred years ago you would of heard an old time preacher pounding his fist on a pulpit saying we are all rotten....and hell fire and brimstone awaited those who did not repent to the All Mighty. Today; you would more likely here "God is love and wants to know each of you". Well the Bible and God do not change...mans way of presenting him does.

    If you are not Christian reading this...understand this...Christians are NOT perfect. Christian simply means we believe Gods "son" foretold of in the Old Testament walked the earth among man. He was crucified on a Roman cross; but arose 3 days later (Easter). Death could not contain him. We believe there is a Heaven; Jesus said I go to prepare a place for you.

    I am simply saying Happy Easter to my friends. I will not be "debating" on this thread....I do plenty of that on other threads. Private Message me if you want.

    Wicked Farmer

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    Feb 2010
    S Wisconsin
    nicely put Wicked Farmer, happy Easter to all

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    Apr 2009
    St. Louis, MO
    Very well written. Especially the part about "God and the Bible do not change...man's way of presenting Him does." Absolutely true.

    For me, it's not a religion. It is a relationship. Because I have free will, there are ups and there are downs. But God is constant and always loves and always forgives.

    HAPPY EASTER everyone!! Hope it was a good one!


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