Hello, they call me the Sea Critter, I am the lead artist at hallowskeepcreations.com a full service prop creation company. I, along with my spouse who is also an award winning artist, and our business partner make up the Hallows Keep Creations Team. Our services include but are not limited to, professional: design, sculpting, mold making, painting, proto-typing, custom creations, and UV black light painting.

I have been working on haunts for over 30 years and been a professional special FX / MUFX artist for over 10 years. I have worked on many Oscar nominated films and Emmy award winning TV shows. We offer many Halloween products and movie props, currently heavy into nautical / pirate themes but we can create anything you like from simple props to advanced animatronics. Please check us out. Email us if you would like something custom created.


We have extensive photo galleries on our web site for you to enjoy. Here are a few of photos of our recent creations...

Zombie Mermaid sculpted in WED clay, molded, casted and painted. Latex with soft foam backing, about 6ft tall

Zombie life sized bust: Sculpted in WED, molded, casted and painted. Latex soft foam filled with attached hair:

Over 4ft long moray eel: sculpted in WED, molded, casted and painted. Latex and soft foam filled

Life sized mutant parasitic twin baby Quatoe movie replica prop latex soft foam filled prop / costume: sculpted, molded, casted, painted with attached hair: