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Thread: Potential Visitor Phone Call Inquires

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  1. Default Potential Visitor Phone Call Inquires 
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    Mar 2012
    I've run other small haunted trails in the past and charged money for some but this will be my first professional one... insurance, advertising, paid staff, etc.

    We will have a telephone number potential visitors can call. My venue, a long standing farm with a corn maze, already receives lots of calls in October with questions like:

    "Is there anything scary?"
    "I have a church youth group... is there going to be any of that devil stuff?"
    "Will anyone be touching us?"
    "How old do our kids have to be?"

    Do any of you mind giving me frequent questions you get over the phone or in person from potential visitors or media? I would like to be prepared.

    I hope you guys aren't getting tired of my questions. These forums are INVALUABLE for beginners like me. Browsing through the history of the forums here is like going to an online Haunted Attraction college. AllenH is like a dean of the school.

    Thank you so much!

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    Dec 2010
    Blacksburg, SC
    I'm sure its different everywhere.....but for some reason at our haunt people love calling. The only real way they can get our number is by visiting the website and it has EVERYTHING ON IT! haha But they still call. Last year we just let the answering machine pick up and say "yes we are open tonight, October 8th from 7PM-11PM or later depending on the crowd, check the website for directions or to buy tickets online etc. and it did not tie up someone answering the phones all night. We had lights, signs, directions on the website, arrows, people with flashlights at the road flagging in, etc. and people still somehow complain about "how hard we are to find" HAHA. However this year we are going to let the concession stand answer the phone because we feel like a lot of people might have saw our phone number on a banner at another haunt and called for directions and did not have internet access. Who knows? With all of the smart phones now its hard to believe that out of a car full of people one of them wouldn't have internet access but we are going to "man" the phones this year to answer questions and help lost people find their way. It helps on a rainy night too if you are still open because people are going to call before they come. Hope this helps.

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    David Ludick Guest
    Is it scary?

    our response:
    Well, we just had a girl pee.....she was 24. Is that a good enough answer?

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