We've filled our extended block again at the Hyatt and two other hotels within two blocks of the convention center. We want to help you find rooms downtown; so we've contracted with four more hotels (within 2 - 12 blocks of the convention center). We'll start listing the new hotels on our web site tonight, but for those of you on HW Forum who missed the opportunity to register at the Hyatt, Drury or Crown; here's the additional hotels:

- Red Roof - about 2 blocks $120

- Marriott Courtyard - about 3 blocks $134

- Residence Inn - about 6 blocks $139

- Sheraton Capital Square - about 12 blocks $125

Check our web site tonight or Saturday morning for the promo codes to receive the MHC discounted rate. This is the first time we've filled our room block two months before our show. This is going to be a huge year for MHC.

Kelly Collins
The Midwest Haunters Convention