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Thread: Dark Room "Texture"

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  1. Default Dark Room "Texture" 
    Lori Herndon Teibel Guest
    We plan to have a room that is pitch black. Does anyone have any suggestions for materials to put on the walls that will creep out the patrons? I was thinking something "slimey", but I need something that won't stain clothing and that is resilient. Any ideas? Or for that matter, any ideas for the room in general?

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    Jul 2010
    Hartford CT
    How about heavy shag carpet?

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    Nov 2008
    Mesquite, TX
    cover the walls with plastic tight to wood, then smear lots of cheap acrylic latex caulk on that, then another layer of 7mil plastic over that. Keep the second layer of plastic loose so when the touch it it can slide around.
    The caulk will dry quickly if exposed to air (like a rip) but will stay mushy if the plastic stays sealed. in case of a breach it will be a clothing hazard until it dries 20 min or so.

  4. Default silicone caulk 
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    Mar 2009
    You can spread silicone caulk on the walls mixed with cotton. Every night before people walk through spray down with mist of water so as they touch it, it feels slimy but its only water . At the end have a gutted person or pelts on the wall with the same texture so they think the whole time they were touching body parts.

    You can do that with bugs on the wall , air whips and bug noises. Use a bug dvd at the end to complete the gag.

    Just a few ideas..

    Peter T

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    Lori Herndon Teibel Guest
    Cool ideas so far. Thanks!

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    Nov 2011
    IF you just want a cheap texture, try using some great stuff. I've spread it around on panels before in my parties and it was a hit. I just used a concrete trough and sprayed a couple of lines and smeared it. You have to be patient and keep it coated. We tried vaseline on ours and it seemed to done ok. Maybe keep it wet with Naphtha or something.

    We kepts ours very thin on the coat. It'll still raise up enough for texture, just perfect for getting rid of that flat wall feel. We did do a few panels by using gloves and spatting it on.

    You could take some of that flexseal stuff, and after the foam dries, spray the average areas where they may be putting their hands on the wall.

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