I placed an order with them several weeks ago, everything in stock, and shipping within the US. The payment drafted from my account immediately, and I received a quick order confirmation notice. After a week or so not receiving a tracking a tracking #, I tried to call them only to find that phone had been disconnected. So I then emailed them. I had a few questions as well. Regarding future purchases and such, wanted to know when to order if needed by specific date. We absolutely love their prosthetics and several of our characters were created using them. We are a small beginner pro haunt going into our second year. So we are still extremely new to the industry, and still learning to navigate the amazing world of haunt supply venders. After I sent my e-mail, I almost immediately received an automated email stating that our order "has been shipped today, and to allow 2-3 day delivery". I was relieved, although somewhat disappointed that I did not get a reply to my questions. Just assumed they are busy. well days had gone by and the tracking info said that the carrier had not received the package yet. Waited a few more days still nothing. I have since sent several emails, messaged on Facebook. The phone number has been removed from the website, and the contact me link seems to be disabled. We have worked so hard to work out every last detail for these particular characters, and absolutely love their prosthetics. But at this point I'm not sure where to go from here. Any input would be greatly appreciated.