Hey Guys,

I have spent the last 2 months building this project in secrecy and tommorow is the day that we release it to the online world! Im pretty excited, so I wanted to share the photos with my fellow haunters first to get their input.

Here is an excerpt from our website, just to give some background info:

"The Zombie Truck was a project I came up with not just because I am a fan of all things horror and Halloween, but because I thought it had the potential to be admired and appreciated by zombie and horror lovers around the world. If a tens of millions of people will tune into You Tube to see a dancing baby or a poorly narrated nature documentary on honey badgers, why the heck wouldn't they want to see a real life zombie disposal vehicle? Of course, we don't really need a Zombie Truck (yet that is!), but wouldn't it be cool to see what one would look like if the zombie apocalypse ever actually came?

The Zombie Truck also has a secondary purpose, which is to be a promotional vehicle for The Haunted House of Horrors, one of Ontario's best haunted attractions. The Haunted House of Horrors is a haunted attraction in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada and scares thousands of people throughout the month of October each year. For the past three years the Haunted House Of Horrors has instilled fear into tens of thousands of people in Guelph, Cambridge and Kitchener. The Zombie Truck is an ideal promotional tool to take to drive around the area and take to local events in order to promote and grow the attendance of our haunted house. "

Here is a list of features and modifications:

> 1991 Suzuki Carry Japanese Mini Truck
> 660CC 3 Cyl Carbureted Engine (45hp)
> 4 Speed Manual Transmission
> 6x4x6 Metal Cage With Gate
> WW2 Style Gatling Gun
> Decapitating Front Rake
> Emergency Lighting Bar
> Siren w/ Zombie Sounds
> Full Sized Zombie Figures
> Arsenal Of Fake Weaponry
> Rear Zombie Emergency Kit
> Zombie Bait Cooler w/Brains
> “Gangrene” Paint Job
> 13” Custom Bio Hazard Rims
> Camo Interior Upholstery
> Bedliner Coated Interior
> Zombie Tracking GPS
> Audio / Lighting Controller
> Emergency Zombie Bite Kit
> Perma Blood Accents
> Zombie Catch Pole
> Zombie Truck Graphics
> ZOMBTRUK License Plate

You can checkout the website here for a complete collection of photos of the truck as well as the build process: http://www.ZombieTruck.com, also make sure you "Like" our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ZombieTruck/

Let me know what you guys think!