Please critique my method!

Ok so this is all very overwhelming because there's so many facets to cover in this industry. I have a plan to put it all together and im hoping you can help me, even to just tell me if im in the right track, or maybe looking at a certain direction too early?

Since november I've been accumulating notes regarding my haunt biz. They range over everything involved, but have mainly been regarding maze setup, theme building, and where to locate needed supplies (makeup, controllers wood etc)

My plan is to put everything together in a book format: ex costumes I will have a picture of proposed monster, cost and website of each detail etc, then do that for location (min sq ft needed plus other requirements) sanitation, concessions, advertising, volunteer bonuses, etc.

In the meanwhile I will focus on putting the word out for actors and getting a location.

Should I be meeting with the fire marshal BEFORE I even get a location?

Should I be building a facebook presence right now???

Or should I be buying wood and renting a garage building one wall at a time ahead of time, so I can put it together lego style when the time comes???

Im just kind of lost because I can't seem to figure out the most prudent use of my focus right now.

Thanks a ton guys