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Thread: Should or Shouldn't... Transworld 2013

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    Oct 2007
    I think he has already said Creepyworld would be too hard to open because he breaks some it down after the season.

    Larry, I'm just offering you an opinion and the history I've seen. Whether you wanted to
    Open or transworld asks you to open it still has worked out the way I described above. Nothing wrong with it, but that show it's happened each year. I agree with Jared do it if you feel up to it but it sounds like you need a break and I'm sure your crew could use one as well. If you took a year off and then reopened in 2014 it could be more successful than if you opened this coming year. Food for thought.


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    Larry some food for thought about some of the issues discussed in this tread. You mention you are going to make a big change this year. This change is going to be huge and is going to happen regardless of if you are open for TW.
    For the sake of this post lets say the change is going to be a room and you budget it will take 200 man hours to change this room. Regardless of when this 200 hours is put in, before or after TW, it is going to be put into the house. Just because it is put in before TW does not mean that it cost 200 hours of changes to be open for TW. Now if you have to pay people over time hours because they had to put in more then 40 hours a week to get this change done before TW then you could count the cost of the over time pay to the cost of TW opening. Your quote earlier is "We spent nearly 4 times more to do the event than we got back in ticket sales... and that is a fact." I would disagree, you may have had to work harder during a shorter time but don't contribute the entire cost to being open for TW.

    To open any house does require per hour operating expense. This would be your electric to run, employee hours, wear and tear on props and the like, if needed special insurance for this weekend, ect. All of these expenses could be contributed to being open for TW. These expenses and the possible overtime from the example above are the only cost in TW.

    So then the point got brought up about the higher ticket price. Again I would refer the first part of this post that all changes did not equal your cost for TW. But you say you can't be open for less then $50 a head. You know the number of people who come and know your hourly operating expenses and yes you may not break even at less then $50 but that should be the only thing that determine the price per person, not the total of expenses to update which would have been spent anyways.

    You mention in this thread that no house should expect to break even the opening weekend. And I agree on this. If you can break even the opening weekend you did not do enough changes and you house will not be around long.

    If you weren't open for TW would you charge $50 your opening weekend cause that was the cost to get the show ready for those people?

    So now it just comes down to the true operating expenses. If all the information taken into account above and to run the show for electric, paycheck, ect is above $50 per head is the best price still $50? Say charging $20 you lose money, what is the worth of advertisement to a core group of haunters. And for that mater what is the worth of a core group of haunter coming out say "It was a great show but why is the owner charging more just cause he can".

    None of this even addresses the points made about the house not even being ready for TW so we get a 75% show at a higher cost.

    It seems the people who come to TW are expected to absorb all the cost of changes which means you true opening weekend you might break even.

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    Just my 2 cents on this, but I think it would make sense to split up your renovations between March and your opening in October and then do minor ones after the season until TW opens. That way you're not pressed on time and stressed because things aren't working the way you want them to. Because between March and March, the majority of the TW attendees aren't going to go to the Darkness or Lemp, so even if you make major changes after TW in the months leading up to your season, the TW people won't see them until the following March. Might make your life a little less stressful!

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    Larry I was at transworld but couldn't afford to attend the behind the scenes tour. I'm saving up and will be attending so you better offer the behind the scenes tour! Haha. Thanks for all you do and offer!

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    This will indeed be a biig year for the Darkness! Congrats on such a successful and great haunt you and Jim and h.p has created over that time! I have enjoyed every year ii ever went since 1995. I like the idea in a previous post. With what you will have planned you will have to show it off to the industry just try to split it up and still keep some of the darkness that you will need to renovate after March up so it will be complete for TW. I think everyone would really like to see some way over the top stuff for the anniversary!
    Damon Carson

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