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Thread: Flashlight

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Warfield View Post
    Even if there were night vision cameras recording every inch of the 10,000 sq, feet, you would still have to put a huge amount of plain old "Trust" into each customer (and employee?) left with the extreme freedom that such a setting would be providing.
    How would anyone determine quickly enough if screams for help were genuine to be able to stop a fight or a molestation?
    "People" will do what ever they think they can get away with , especially if some alcohol or other drugs are introduced into the formula.
    A massive number of verified, trusted and adult employees and the aforementioned videos cameras would be needed.
    I would also be guessing many problems with the customers would arise when the fear and frustration levels drastically increase if no one is guiding them at all or looking out for anyone's welfare.
    "Waivers" do not eliminate all responsibility.
    I think HOT's DarkStalkers treats it as a special event, and not as a main event or regular haunt. Also, last season, they did it off season and not during the regular run.


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    Yeah it is a special event for two nights or so after the main season. I worked one night at a Darkstalkers event and can tell you that it is a blast to work. Pretty much all obstructions, not including walls and large set pieces, are removed so that the tripping hazzards are decreased. Nothing like low tables, chairs, etc. were in the pathways. Out of the many people that came that night, we saw plenty of cell phones and plenty of contraband lighting. All of which, excluding cellular phones, were confiscated and could be obtained at the end of the dark maze. Not that that bright screen of a cell phone would do much of anything but give away their position to the actors, the darkness was thick as fog . Loved crawling along the floor and popping my head up into their light and then vanishing elsewhere. Took a bit to get used to the lack of light, but it was easy to tell where people were generally. Another thing was, the actors had control over how long certain people were in the haunt. If they got genuinely frustrated and weren't having fun, we'd simply escort them out. It was fun, but I don't see how it could be done as a regular haunt though. Well I could, but I prefer to see the sets under stage lighting and not from the light of a flash light or even glowstick.

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