GOtCHYA! no build progress. Not yet.

I'm here for this reason though. I don't know how to do a steenking pole, so, who all would like us to blog our build? It's our first year, there's only 1 decent haunt around us, and they're a GREAT place. I'ts called Pumpkin Hollow if you haven't been, I suggest going! It's 3 elements with a 4th coming in (rumored) this year. Hillbilly slaughterfest and they care about their haunt and customers! So check'em out guys!

Now, with that said. I want to build sets. Like what Larry, and Kevin Mcurdy does. I want NICE sets, foam carving etc. I've never done it! This is our first year going semi-pro and we are giving it all we got. We're starting with a combined total of only $33,000! and a lot of that's already spent! We can't afford any animitronics unless we build them.

SO! back to my original point, who, if any would like to see me post progress? I don't want to take the time if no one's gonna care about a little ol stick like me, we're nothing compared to the huge guys here, but we're willing to share if you want to see it.

So just let us know here! I'll make a new thread when it starts. I'll post room pics before and after. We're doing a 2,000 sq ft haunt and an "exhibit" second. I am NOT allowed to speak of what the exhibit is about, but we will share the build.


Dewayne at Night Terrors of Northeast Arkansas