"... at first glance those walls look textured"

They are.. now lol. I realized this morning they took more than I thought.

Many pounds of screws.
Stockpile of Sprayfoam.
The old miter saw (was burning out)
Heat gun.
Hot knife.
Cordless Drill ($100)

Well I'll stop there. I had to go get more stuff a bit ago. Spent another $200... sh.ts old already. Having to replace crap is ridiculous.

You know, I think I about figured it out. Why so many people are rude and just don't care. It's because they've been through life enough that they've gotten their share of BULLSH>T and said "f35k it" That's what it is. They've been jacked with so much already that they're already to that point that they say "Screw people, I hate em all"

Anyways, I got a few more panels built this morning, got some more foam up etc. Foam installation is about 75% done. Just gotta build the last wall and put 6 sheets up then it's all carving.

After the foam brick rooms, we're just going to warehouse style theme, then the dark surgery room with Dr. Trauma etc. Won't be any high detail except for the props and costuming. Then the torture room will have spill your guts illuzion etc.

So the construction should be EZPZ after the foam.