The lights were off, total darkness, the lights came on, there he was in a martial arts pose with both hands as claws, just a few feet from my face.
Maybe he was that scared? Just showing off for his girlfriend? Trying to intimidate me?
He didn't stop doing this even though after being here taking the tour of my house , I would think that he would understand the limitations I put on what hapens here?
I guess that I am not one to be intimated either, so about the third time that he was found to be in some stance near me(The guy he paid to possibly scare him!) I took close notice, as an adversary might that even though he had his "Claw" pose up, that he also had his shoulders slightly turned away from me, so out of my highly protected hiding ambuse location I quickly touched him on that shoulder and his keeping himself turned like that kept him from doing anything about it
(Was he trying to impress his girlfriend"?)