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Thread: Haunted House Corn Field

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    Aug 2008
    OK So i always do inside haunts Fright Dome Monster Mayhem Halloween Horror Nights. and my friend owns a corn field and he giving me 50% to design it and get business license and everything .

    Heres my question what are the laws and permits and whats allowed in a Haunted Corn Field maze in Nh can you have amatronics fog machine strobes generator/compressors in the haunted maze if you have fire extinguishers? Or no because its out side and in a corn field also do i need a blue print of the maze and where the props going to be? Do i Need Emergency exits if its a maze or what anyone know where i can get information on Haunted Mazes or know answers this would help lots thanks.

    Also anywhere i can get Haunted Corn Feild Maze anywhere or can someone help me????

    How would i do the rooms the same way as a indoor haunt????

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    May 2008
    Mount Pleasant, MI
    I see this has been up for 20 hours with no replies... Perhaps if you change the title to: "Haunted Corn Field, NEED ADVICE", you might attract the responses you're seeking? I know for a fact there are some very knowledgeable haunted corn field owners who haunt these forums. From what I've been told, fire regulations are MUCH less restrictive for an outdoor haunt, but I believe that varies from place-to-place. You might try contacting Eric Lowther of Haunted Overload ("elowther" on these forums). He runs an amazing outdoor haunt in New Hampshire (where you said you want to hold your event). Good luck to you!

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    Mar 2012
    I've not run one but I was working with a farmer that did operate a corn maze. There was NO firemarshall rules regarding fire safety. First off, contrary to my original assumption "green"/living corn is not very easy to ignite. I'm sure if you talk to a FM he'll give you opinions on how to make it safer but no one seems to be regulating fire safety when there is no building - no walls or ceilings. I guess the assumption is that people can just run from the fire in any direction to get away. The emergency exit is the trail you make running over the stalks!

    The only permits the farmer I knew got were related to selling food and products. He did post signs everywhere declaring that smoking was not allowed. But he didn't even carry handheld extinguishes. It could never hurt to have them though.

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    Dec 2011
    Paging Dr. Farmer . . . Dr. Wicked Farmer . . .

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