OK So i always do inside haunts Fright Dome Monster Mayhem Halloween Horror Nights. and my friend owns a corn field and he giving me 50% to design it and get business license and everything .

Heres my question what are the laws and permits and whats allowed in a Haunted Corn Field maze in Nh can you have amatronics fog machine strobes generator/compressors in the haunted maze if you have fire extinguishers? Or no because its out side and in a corn field also do i need a blue print of the maze and where the props going to be? Do i Need Emergency exits if its a maze or what anyone know where i can get information on Haunted Mazes or know answers this would help lots thanks.

Also anywhere i can get Haunted Corn Feild Maze anywhere or can someone help me????

How would i do the rooms the same way as a indoor haunt????