Last night June16th, 2012 (Yes Ravens Grin is open every night of the year!) We saw many very fun customers coming through the house, this whole little downtown was packed full, parked full and hopping! Live music, busy restaurants, a Car Cruise and some rain which didn't seem to slow anything down much!
I open the front door, let in a full group, my TV is playing a goofy video, the room is moving with numerous effects accenting what they are seeing and hearing on the decrepid Tv screen, it all comes to a quick , unexpected end, the room is dark, I walk across the room in the dark and I made this truthfull announcement:"Somebody Shit their pants!"
As it turned out, I guess? The episode was merely gaseous with little or no "solids".
Butt it kept happening throughout the house tour! It was a large family, everyone knew who was doing it.
The final time it happened caused premature evacuation of all of those who had just entered the Fear-Degausser capsule!
One group last night kept getting scared by me using the same hand-sewn silly device!? Each time they would react, scream and then loudly say:"What Was That?"
So I just kept doing this over and over to those same reactions!
(I had to work to not laugh right out loud til it was all over!)

If I had to pay someone to provide ME with this much fun, I couldn't place a price upon it.