So a couple years ago we saw a "Maggot Sifter" at the trade show - That same year we didn't have the budget so we stuck a person on a platform and had them sprinkle rice on worked great but took up a needed actor.

This year we decided to bring back the maggots since we bought a few projectors for bugs - Well I looked at the price tag of the "Maggot Sifter"....$950??? Now I don't like to bash companies and the company with this item has some awesome stuff.....but $950? especially when you can tell what it's made out of??

So here is how we built ours for about $50.00 in about an hours time today -

Parts needed:
50lb Capacity Drop Spreader - $30-$40 (link shows a 75lb one) :
Make sure it is a "DROP" spreader and not a broadcast spreader

Wiper Motor, or some other slow RPM motor such as a rotisserie motor - $10-$15

Power Source For Motor: I used an old computer power source which are great for providing +3 Volts, 7+ Volts, and +12 Volts. I use +3 volts to run the wiper motor and it works great.

Assembly: It's as easy as putting the spreader together minus the wheels and handle bar - attach your motor to the axle, I used JB weld for the time being until I can get an axle made that will fit directly onto my wiper motor.

Attach your power source and there you have it - I plan to attach a Sensor so the motor will only spin for about 5 seconds each time it is triggered. I suggest putting the spread adjustment bar on the spreader to slow down the feed of rice.

Here is the video of it working:

Any questions feel free to ask!! Hope you get some ideas from this.