I'm about to begin building my house and need some advise from seasoned pros. It is a 4500 sq ft unit (3500 being used for the haunt build). It's a warehouse with an office in the front. The ceilings in the warehouse are about 20-25ft high. I'm going to build the haunt about 8-10 feet up.

1. What do you guys use to construct your walls and studs? (not what tools, but what type of stud and wall)
2. What do you use for your ceiling to ensure sprinkler systems above the unit are still effective? (my sprinkler will be 10-15 feet above the haunt ceiling)
3. How do you run wiring to pass code? Do you run wiring to a multi-outlet?
4. Do any of you use anything for the floor to have grip?
5. Lastly, how do you attach the studs to a cement floor? (tapcons or Hilti gun)?

Thanks guys. I'm about to start my build and need all the tips you can throw my way.