I'm just an actor at my local haunt, but every year I bring my own thoughts, ideas, and costume to the haunt. Every year I have to try and outdo myself. The first year was pretty basic, with just "great" acting. The second year I brought my own stilt costume. This year I want to build a duck pond game.

This year our theme is 'carnival of carnage'. The company I work for has a lot of carnival games and smaller rides, so it should work out. As I said, I would like to bring a duck pond game.

The current idea is to make the tank very deep so that I can sit in the pond and grab peoples hands/jump out of the pond. This of course will require a scuba tank for breathing. I'm ok with that.

My question to you guys is, is there a way to hide underneath a shallow pond and just have my hand/arm come out of the pond without being inside the pond? Or is this impossible due to the pond draining?

And does anyone know of any tanks/ tubs that would be well suited to do this.

Thank you !

any other thoughts and considerations are welcome