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Thread: Lets make a 2012 industry list of which vendors shipped and which have not by now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by screamforadream View Post
    really??? that's so weird, everytime i've used hauntedprops.com they've shipped within a day or two of my order and they were always really good on their customer service, never had a reason not to trust them, this is really unsettling, such a bummer to hear about their issues.
    I don't know... I think I was one of the first people to order from them at Transworld, they didn't have the booth completely set up, didn't have their catalogs unpacked, had to use one the guy in the booth had in his briefcase, maybe this was the cause for a lot of it.
    I'll say I did get a response to every email & call, but In "MY" eyes 1st there shouldn't have been an issue, 2nd one there was a problem it "should be taken car of & NOTHING else went wrong" with that order, 3rd giving the tracking # for someone's order to me or giving them "my" order was never explained, but bottom line line I don't care...My point is that's a lot of things going wrong on one order.
    Will I buy from them again...probably but you can bet it will be in NOVEMBER or DECEMBER or cash & carry at a show...

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    Feb 2012
    Atlantic City (area), NJ
    Just giving anyone who cares an update on who has shipped to us;

    Pale Night Productions
    Scare Products
    Rust Dust
    Brutal Rust
    Unit 70 Studios

    So far so good...ahh why do I keeping doing that! lol


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    Aug 2009
    Has anyone got the orders from Scarefactory yet? Got my Froggys Order 2 days after I ordered it, they are great to work with!!! Super fast delivery and great service

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    Aug 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by fearforyourlife View Post
    I thought it would be a good idea to get a list of what companies have filled their orders already, and what companies haven't. I thought it may reveal a trend with vendors and further help out the haunt industry. So post a list of who you have already received your stuff from and who you haven't. If you have spoken with or received communication from those that haven't please put that in parenthesis next to the company so we know they are keeping contact.
    We ordered custom props from Unit 70 and they did an excellent job, and shipped within 3 weeks!

  5. Default Shot in the dark..lost in the dark? 
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    Nov 2007
    Shot In The Dark issues........

    Having the worst time with them. They do have some cool products but who cares how a product looks if you don't ever recieve it.

    I have been promised for several months that it was shipping out but never has. Excuses include : Problems getting batteries..oh we got batteries will ship out the following Monday...don't know why it didn't ship...and it goes on. How many times can you make an excuse for one order. Either it's ready or it isn't. I wish vendors would stop blowing smoke. Just tell the truth. If you say your going to do something then do it.

    Then I was recently told that the boss had the tracking number and I would get it ASAP...... a day later nothing.... then Oh I'll send it to you..a week later nothing. Then Mike emails me and says thanks for my patience and that he will ship it and he will give me the tracking number saturday. Guess what..no tracking number. I then just emailed and asked for a refund and wished his business well then I get a message tonight saying oh here is the tracking number and if you dont like the way I run my business then don't order from me let someone else get my products. Well tracked the number that he gave me and the label was only printed not actually shipped.

    I do understand that things happen I have been in manufacturing and retail for many years. I have missed deadlines but I have never missed 2 deadlines for the same customer. Hell I've even drove 6 hours one way just to make sure they got the order on time. Your word is everything !!! or at least it used to be.

    At this point I don't want the order. I just want my money.

    I hope I'm the only one with problems from this vendor. If you order be sure and take a picture of what you ordered and that way at least you'll have a picture of that cool looking prop.

    Ronnie Young

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    Aug 2012
    Fall River Massachusetts
    dapper cadaver is fantastic,ships fast and their stuff is great.we dont use alot of props as were more of a b and b/museum,[lizzie borden] in fall river,so as we dont use many props but the props we use need to be awesome

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