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really??? that's so weird, everytime i've used hauntedprops.com they've shipped within a day or two of my order and they were always really good on their customer service, never had a reason not to trust them, this is really unsettling, such a bummer to hear about their issues.
I don't know... I think I was one of the first people to order from them at Transworld, they didn't have the booth completely set up, didn't have their catalogs unpacked, had to use one the guy in the booth had in his briefcase, maybe this was the cause for a lot of it.
I'll say I did get a response to every email & call, but In "MY" eyes 1st there shouldn't have been an issue, 2nd one there was a problem it "should be taken car of & NOTHING else went wrong" with that order, 3rd giving the tracking # for someone's order to me or giving them "my" order was never explained, but bottom line line I don't care...My point is that's a lot of things going wrong on one order.
Will I buy from them again...probably but you can bet it will be in NOVEMBER or DECEMBER or cash & carry at a show...