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Thread: Blackout Maze ideas... Please Help!

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  1. Default Blackout Maze ideas... Please Help! 
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    Jul 2009
    Santa Clarita California
    Hello, this year we are looking to add a "Blackout" style maze to our Haunt. We already have a traditional "Haunted House" style maze, as well as a hillbilly corn maze, a vampire themed maze and a hayride. This is are first year attempting a "blackout style" and any ideas/concepts/thoughts/tips would greatly be appreciated! Thanks allot!
    Happy Haunting!:twisted:

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    Theirs this thing called curtain chaos, its where you have curtains that all look the same cover each wall of your haunt. You have 4x4x4x4 rooms each with curtains on them that look them same, so people walk into the walls and only one of the curtains is the actual exit which leads into another room of curtains. Just use black plastic for the curtains and people will be really disorientated.

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    Jul 2009
    Santa Clarita California
    OK, ive got a few ideas but we are still trying to take it over the top, there arnt many "blackout" stlye mazes out there that make you go, "wow that was sick!" Any ideas anyone has/input on this topic would help allot! Thanks

  4. Default Black maze 
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    Sep 2003
    Gaffney, South Carolin, during the summer - Marathon Key, Florida during the wintera
    How about a curtain maze all out of black material and the rooms at the end get shorter and narrower until you crawl out. Somewhere in the maze put a curtain with velcro sewn down the middle so a monster can "rip" it and chase you. At the beginning make the entrance through a portajohn with the back taken out of it.
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  5. Default Blackout Maze Craze 
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    Mar 2011
    Raleigh, NC
    LOL - I like the portajohn entrance idea! Sick minds think alike!

    We added a very simple maze this year mostly to slow people down (last year they were sprinting through a long hall to get out). I wanted to add those panels that put out a little shock but the wife wouldn't let me. Instead we are blacking out the whole area, and I have a really cool audio of chanting to play in there. Should be pretty creepy. And it will stop those runners too!!
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  6. Default Already a thread 
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    Aug 2003
    Las Vegas
    There was aleady another thread on this very topic, check it out for ideas:
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    Las Vegas, NV

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