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Thread: Finding materials for boiler room for freddy

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  1. Default Finding materials for boiler room for freddy 
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    May 2012
    Noblesville, IN
    We are going to do movie killers again this year and I want to create a "boiler" room similiar to the ones in nightmare on elm street. Does anyone have suggestions on where to start looking to find materials IE (water heaters old boilers rusty pipes just dirty and gritty industrial junk) Thanks for everyone that is on this forum, it has been a BIG HELP!!


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    Nov 2009
    I went to the metal savage yard and the charged me by the pound and it was real cheep. Back breaking but cheep. In the future i ame planing on building it from wood and painting it, becuase it is just about as easy as what i did. I did the all day room build with bad boys seanic design at trans world and they built the items in there's for less than I could go find it for free. Look for some pics online but it was all made with hard board and plywood and took no time at all. The finish on it was Brutal Rust paint and that worked great and was not tough to do, made the wood look like it was rusty steel. They also did a faux rust on a barrel that took all day that I think looked great but not great enough to spend all day on, when the Brutal Rust took as little time as rolling paint on a wall. They also use a lot of PVC pipe and I was surprised at how realistic it looked with a little spray foam for texture and spray paint for color. Good luck on your build and hope you can find what you are looking for.

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    May 2007
    Columbia, SC
    We did a Freddy boiler room in 09 and that year it was an upright boiler built from wood. I brought back a boiler room this season for our factory. I did the traditional style boiler and again built it from wood. Larry has pics on here of their boiler build. That's kinda what I based mine on. Between Larry's and the boiler Cedar Fair built for their Saw haunted house. I carved the grill and doors from foam, used knobs from a grill, and a metal grill rack for the actor inside to bang on. At first it was painted grey with the brown rustoleum rust paint but after seeing a friend's boiler he built this year I went for the darker grungier look with an all brown paint job and orange sawdust paint highlights for the rust. Best of luck!!
    O'Shawn McClendon
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    Nov 2008
    Mesquite, TX
    use 1/8" 4x8 masonite or the bathroom white board stuff. Simply screw a 2x4 to the short edge but leave half of it hanging off. Roll the board around and screw it down. it will be a big tube, then brace inside and cut a top and bottom for it. Like Freakenstein said make a foam door for it with a good looking grate.

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