Yeah Darklight Z-series is what I use for general wash. They are a little pricey, but not when you consider the alternative. If you use a par 64, you will pay around $35 for the can and lamp, plus you need to wire it using extension cords or run AC. Not to mention the cost of the electricity to run those things (even a 300W lamp runs a lot of current when you think about having a bunch of them). I decided last year to make the investment in LED lighting, and glad I did because it saved me in wiring, and in electricity. It also eliminates the issues of heat.

With standard par cans you have a real heat problem and you have to be careful where you mount them. LEDs produce little to no heat so they can go most anywhere. Plus it gives you ultimate control over your light. With par cans you get a lot of back splash, and in some scenes you might have to use aluminum wrap to get rid of the back-splash (they make a black aluminum wrap just for this purpose). I make my own LEd lights for up-close spotlights where I want to highlight specific things like portraits, or certain props. They blend in real well with the set, and again, can be wired using speaker wire.

I saw someone earlier posted they use low voltage garden lighting. I wired my yard with those and still have a bunch of supplies in the garage but will never use them again. The sockets are not well made and the lamps go out constantly (or the sockets get hot and corrode, breaking the circuit). I thought about using those systems but glad I went with something else.