I know this might sound goofy & it may have been covered before, but I'll be damned if I can find it in any thread, but...I pretty much got every material covered in my haunt agenda (fire rated plywood, flame retardant spray for fabrics & paint additives, etc.) however the one biggy I haven't seen addressed (& we all use plenty of) is latex! (& plastics). If water cannot penetrate it than the spray fire retardant is ineffective thus unacceptable by the F/M. So how do you protect these items? Are most of these prop builders using a F/R latex or plastic? I would highly doubt it...& if they are they're needs to be documentation coming with these props for the F/M...@ least where I'm working. Some of the same props I'm buying I've seen in some of the largest theme parks so I'm assuming there must be a way to cover them...or am I missing something? My F/M is a stickler for documentation too! Any help??? Thanks.