Hey Allen & Darkside,
Sorry I just missed your post...I was posting myself before going out into my "welding Dungeon"!

No, didn't mean to insinuate that there was a "flaw" with the manufacturers...just thought that others must be having these problems (but it sure doesn't sound like it) so even if the product cost us more in the end it would be money well spent.
Congrats to your wife making it 20 years (I know how difficult it is to make it 20 yrs. doing anything nowadays) I appreciate you looking into this further for me and I know how to "delicately" ask to talk to someone "higher" if need be (and please know that isn't meant to sound cocky...trust me) I've been doing the "dance" with building officials my entire life (holy crap...that long?). We're talking about a F/M who shut down his towns OWN volunteer haunt two years ago because of "infractions"? (which who knows may have been the right call) Point being, he is nervous about this type of venue because it isn't just "run of the mill" everyday stuff to him...he's got to research, look up codes, give it some thought, etc. So I guess when he made the blanket statement "EVERYTHING NEEDS F/R DOCUMENTATION" , "EVERYTHING THAT'S INSIDE THAT BUILDING"! he obviously is covering his butt which is fine but there has to be, as you said, a point that crosses industry standards. His main concern is that everything inside has a class "A" /low smoke rating...I just can't see (nor can he) how latex, with or without the F/R spray will ever meet this criteria. So, me being me, thought that others have had this same problem or @ least know what the acceptable standards are in this industry, (hence popping the question on the forum) but it doesn't seem anyone has run up against this like me (gotta luv Jersey). I guess I'm stuck just spraying EVERYTHING & hope for the best...does not appear there are too many alternatives for me. But I will "grill" him a little more tomorrow (or go over his head if I'm not liking what I'm hearing). And here I thought the fire suppression system was going to be a big pain in the ass...that was cake compared to this nonsense!

Thanks for your reply as well. I think that is my only real choice here. But can't the spray go on the prop directly without mixing it in varnish? I was told varnish is more brittle & may crack if moved too much (animatronics). Just wondering? Thanks.

PS: BTW Allen, the F/M told me to use steel drums for the trash cans! LMAO