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I'm guessing he lives in Virginia, english is not his normal language, spanish is sort of, and even that is messed up because he is deaf and about 34 by now and on drugs. But, that is just a guess. Decorating the front porch of his dad's house is a challenge with help from his uncle, freind next door and maybe grandfather?

And for people in altered conciousnesses like this I AM THE MODERATOR EL SUPREMO and you CAN make a rectangle out of two triangles if they are in the same plane and the length and hypotenuse is larger/greater than the width. It just requires screws that are 48 inches long. Then file the ends off if they stick out anywhere. Do not use power tools for any of this screwing or filing, do it all old school for quality.
Um... *lip smack lip smack* ... yeup.

I lol'd.