This is going to be long and I apologize, but wanted to provide as much details as possible.

We have been a 3rd party fundraising haunt for a few years now, but this has left us with very little funds to cover improvements, off season storage or money to secure a more permanent building. Last year we weren't able to find a location so the haunt was a no go.

This year I've found a suitable location and an owner willing to let us use the building for our haunt with no money up front. If we can raise enough money to pay the rent for the year we will have the option to stay. No money will exchange hands up front and the initial conversation was to split the profits after all expenses are paid. The building rents for $2,000 a month and we will need access to the building for approximately 4 months. I'm thinking about offering 1/2 of our profits (after expenses) if we make less than $16,000 or the usual rent of $8,000.

We will be responsible for utilities, advertising, insurance as well as everything associated with the haunt and those items will be considered expenses.

Do you think that's a fair offer? Does anyone have an example of a lease agreement I could use and modify?

There have been free haunts in this town before so I don't think we'll have any issues with the city. The building is farily new construction and should have no problems meeting the city's/fire marshals approval.

Please mention anything you think I've not thought of that could be an issue down the ride.

Also need recommendations for event insurance.

Thanks in advance