This is our 3rd year planting a corn maze. Year 1 we used Indian corn that did well chipmunks had a feast but it came out very well since we didn't need the fruit just the stalks. Year 2 we tried a hybrid corn along with less maturity time and the chipmunks were in control. This year we have a corn from a farmer and w/o much water has been growing nice chimpmunks were a bit of a nuisance but we have some plants that are still small and we also have 2000 pods that are about a little less then knee high that we will be planting this weekend. We have stalks that are clumped together in clumps of 5 or 10 we just need the stalks by Oct. We will be fertilizing this weekend as well and miracle grow the smaller crops, pods in hopes to meet the goal by Oct. Has anyone else had similar issues? Thanks