I feel for the kids, families, and all those involved in the Colorado theatre shooting.

I am in my 3rd year of a haunt and figure I will have quite a few people come through my doors. I load up on lots of liability insurance. I haven't had onsite security as in off duty police. Nor a local fire departments on scene, or anyone EMT qualified. Just me and my crew. Listening to the news they were discussing "foreseeability issues". I could have someone run into a wall and get hurt? Do I need at minimum an EMT or Nurse around to be covered or get sued for negligence for not providing services. A fire might happen somewhere. Who knows how it may happen do I need a fire department? I am not required to have a sprinkler system, but have plenty of fire extinguishers around. A drunk rolls up and mows his vehicle through the crowd. Do I need an off duty police officer onsite whether they could do anything about the drunk or not?

Lots of discussions lately about LLC's and such. Since I am an LLC and made the decision not to have additional personnel onsite then how liable would I be personally? Just some thoughts. Who knows how this incident will effect the industry or will it wear off slowly. The Jonesboro, Arkansas shooting was pretty bad. Frightner lives close to there. Columbine on the other hand led to all of this zero tolerance crap in schools.