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Thread: Ticketing companies

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    Been with them several years.... Are they a little more than some of the other companies? Yes! Is their service and support of this Indstury far superior than others? In my opinion YES! I know with some people a few cents saved is a few cents more in their pocket. I have never looked at that as a factor in my company. I LIVE BY THE SAYING YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! Lee will walk over broken glass to help you. They will work with you any way they can however they can!!!! They will promote your haunt, event hayride set up your sales they do it all for you!!!! So if your out a few dollars is it not worth piece of mind? I seen someone mentioned a connection issue but that can happen with anyone. Shane and it's don't fix it if it's not broke! Shane

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    Quote Originally Posted by screamforadream View Post
    I stumbled across Ticketriver.com today. Signed up for it, created the event and tickets, and made it so the costumer pays all fees so it doesn't affect our bottom line at all.

    I've never heard of Ticketriver before but I was really impressed and don't see anything negative about them anywhere, it just sucks that we have to wait until the end of the month to get paid, but it isn't a real big deal since these are strictly online ticket orders.

    We're still using square once we open to process credit transactions.
    I'm not gonna lie...passing all fees onto customers is an iffy subject to me.

    We decided to split the cost with our customers last season. We payed a dollar...they payed a dollar. That was the fairest thing. I'm not gonna lie, as a customer I HATE being nickeled and dimed...and that's exactly what happenes when you pass the fee on 100%. NO judgement. I'm just stating my opinion (especially after I payed for an event this past december at the zoo and had to pay a fee).

    ...another positive I want to touch on with Ticketleap is they made sure our site was running properly in terms of the iframe issue we were having with the site we built. I receive MULTIPLE calls and emails to ensure we were up and running for the season. GREAT customer service to say the least. Granted TL doesn't get paid unless we're up and running, the fact they went out of the way to notice and ENSURE we were working was great!...

    ...hmmmmmmm, I'm convincing myself to stay with them the more I type. Haha.
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    I agree with Shane. I am a service guy. I dont care about saving a few points if i get great service. I think I am going to stay with TicketLeap. I will visit with Lee this coming week.

    I also have a few reservations about passing all fees onto my customers. I have not figured out our pricing yet this year. When I do I will work on the pricing costs with customers. My worthless 2 cents to any newer haunters out there is that you need to offer online ticketing. We will have about 6000 guests this year and I know that I picked up at least 18% new customers last year just from that.

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