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Or six months to do three different haunts at three different locations. LOL! (Right there with ya!)

Btw, do you have your floor plan worked out yet? Also, did you say "full season" or did you say "special three night event"? I didn't quite catch that.

We've planned it for the last two weekends in October and on Halloween night. Again the idea is to start small and build from there.

I did have most of the floor plan worked out...and then I got a surprise this morning when I got to work. Instead of the 13500+ sq ft space they told us we were getting, we may end up getting a 3200 sq ft space. Needless to say, I'm still fuming about it. And then I got a call from the FM saying he won't be able to meet with me (again) until next week.

I'm seeing this thing slip through my fingers. It might be best to just cut my losses and start planning for next year.