Hi All:

We have two rooms this year that are inspired by Portal / HAL in 2001, where you enter a mainframe run by a psychotic computer. We have a big screen with the A.I. doing its thing, and we're looking at a couple of "defensive turrets" that blast air.

The big problem is the walls - sci-fi vacuform panels are virtually non-existent and, frankly, obnoxiously priced. I'm not about to plunk down $6K for 40 vacuform panels. The two rooms are connected by a short hallway, so some kind of distinct theme for each is always good. If anything, I'm looking for ideas that non-professionals can use to make 30-40 panels - and I want to avoid tinfoil, vacuum hoses and other cheap stuff that I've seen in other places.

We're still considering the scare in room two so, if you know of any decent sci-fi related scares, your expertise is always appreciated.

My thanks for your help.

Mephisto the Great