Hey all. I've been seeing alot on here (archives) about DARK MAZES.

It seems they go over well with the customers, and there is TONS of room for psychological scares. The major problem I keep seeing is kids whipping out their phones for lights.

What about a dark maze, where at the beginning you give each group a red glowstick, and that is the only light used for main lighting? You would still have your strobes and/or floods at certain scare points, accompanied by loud noises.

I think you could create a CREEPY ass haunted house with this. Imagine holding a red glowstick, walking through fog in a confusing curtain maze. Shadowy figures are creeping around the room. Soundtracks with creepy whispering and otherworldly type deep music. A claustrophobic transducer room would be epic in this!

You'd have the OCCASIONAL red lights throughout, highlighting a drop panel for example. The red glowsticks would be perfect for giving away the customers location.

Costume would be simply black robes, with black everything, even a face blocking mask (spandex?) Training the actors would be slightly less work, since their only lines are whispering and stealthing around and/or hissing.

Sporadically, possibly even on loops, you could have sound fx VERY LOUD. Like the noises in movies that build suspense for a scare. High pitched ones, and some low pitched.

Ultimately, you only get one or two looks at these shadowy things, one on the drop panel with a red spotlight on his face, and another at the climax that gets a white strobe on his face (accompanied by an alien scream from a speaker right behind him, blasting the customers face!) Obviously those two guys you don't block out there face, but do the teeth, contacts and the works on them!

My initial thinking was that the glowsticks would make the phones unnecessary, but then it just kind of opened up lol. Why not use the customer to create your lighting for you I guess..

If you read this, please I would like to hear your thoughts, additions, or criticisms/potential problems. It was just kind of a whim my mind took me on, and hell its probably even been done before lol... but certainly not around Omaha!