I would like to thank Tony and his crew for taking time out of their busy day (and night) to show us around one of the best most inspirational venues I have ever seen!
We sold a set of Zombie Safari Paintball trailers to a haunt in N. Carolina and were invited to tour Spookywoods since we were in the area.
The layout of the entire complex was massive and their passion for being the best shows through in every aspect of everything they do. I was even blown away at the little things like the bathrooms, the time and professional look that went into these was amazing.
From the first moment you pull onto the property you get a sense of professionalism that continues from the parking lot to the ticket booths and its carried on throughout everything on the property.
The haunted house is a serious work of art. Even though it is still under construction I can see the visions of all of his crew and the dedication needed to complete such a massive haunt.
The zipline was an unbelievable experience all by itself and is a not to be missed thrill ride all its own.
If you are anywhere near the N.C. area this season or out of season for that matter I highly recommend stopping by and checking out one of the coolest places I have ever seen.
Being able to build and deliver these Paintball trailers across the country has enabled me to see some of the best haunts and corn mazes in the country and has allowed me the opportunity to see past just the haunt and has given me a new outlook on the future and what lies ahead for Zombie Protection Services L.L.C. and Fearfest Haunted Attractions.
Thank you Tony and Crew for a GREAT experience at a GREAT venue!!!!
Greg Allen
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