Some further "Out" than others.
A small family group came here recently, a 26 yr. old male with his Mother, Grandmother and Aunt, all much older women.
the 26 yr. old was weeping outside at just the thought of passing through my front door!???
He began a psychotic episode looking and sounding like a 3 yr. old!
Once inside he became a vile, threatening wanna-be "Killer".
IF there had been others they didn't know in their group , he would have been put out an Exit. He actually never did anything physical to anyone or anything.
They said they were from "Chicago". (Good, too far away probably to be bothered by him again....)
I accidentally discover the next day that he was at a dance just down the road from here, hitting on a Married woman who told him to leave her alone, he went home, threatened his Mother with a knife, the Police were called, and he was tazered, jailed.
His Mother bought a house in this county!
You never know who or what you may be dealing with, or how close they may actually live to you!