I'm just in Illinois right over the river about 25/30 minutes from downtown St.louis. I am a long time Halloween enthusiast and i do a haunted yard haunt every year on Halloween night. I'd like to take a "stab" at working for a haunted house. Whether it's acting , being a cashier, an outside scare actor , security,... Whatever the positions are.. I just want to do some seasonal work in the haunt industry. Now i know most haunts are open most of September and all of October . I can work ALL of these dates no problem... Except Halloween night. Because i'm not wanting to give up doing my haunted yard. A lot of kids, including my own, look forward to trick or treating and stopping by my yard.
But every other date, time, day ,whatever, i can do! I can act, change my voice. Let's meet in person i'll improvise a scare right in front of you and you'll be sold. I'm not afraid to act. But i also bring with me the love of doing it and experience with customer service (which let's face it, is vital in a haunt for return customers the following season)
If you're interested please post here or better yet, email me. Yardhaunter311@yahoo.com
- -Frank-

One other thing. I'm not looking to drive to Chicago to work at a haunt. Mainly just the ones in St.louis or perhaps smaller ones around the st.louis metro area in Illinois (if there is any)