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Thread: Wall panel stud problem...

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  1. Default Wall panel stud problem... 
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    Nov 2011
    Ok, So I was going to build some wall panels with 3 verts @ 96". I went to Lowe's the other day and chose the 8' 2x4's.

    However, there's a problem, they must have had them tagged wrong because when I got outside just a bit ago, they're precut studs!

    IS there anything I can do with these or do I need to try and get them swapped out? The boards are 3/8" shorter than I need to make a full wall, should I go ahead and try to build with them and see how it goes or what?

    Please help, I'm at a standstill and if I need to go to Lowe's, I need to do it asap.


    Ohh, and yes, I was sure I read the tag, unless they moved them, or someone put the wrong tag on by accident or something. I know I could've measured them, but as many times as I've gone with the boss or my dad, we've never measured, just gone by the tags.


    *Edit* FINALLY got a hold of someone at Lowe's. They said we can swap them out no problem. Does anyone see a need for this or should I just let the osb overhang at the top? I plan on running 2x4's along the top to help hold them together anyways, sooo. yeah.

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