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Thread: Latex Aligator and Water???

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  1. Default Latex Aligator and Water??? 
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    Mar 2012
    I would really like to do this and have seen others do it before. Is there a clear sealant or flexible clear coat to put on them. Also if there is the smallest of leak the foam will absorb the water and weigh a ton. It will also crumble to nothing very soon....

    Any thoughts.....

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    Nov 2008
    Mesquite, TX
    Are these questions? Are you asking questions you want answers to or are you just waxing poetic about alligators? Latex will break down in water- could take one season could take 8-10. Depends on the quality of the latex. No sealant will keep water out if it is immersed.
    You could get a fiberglass alligator that has fewer issues.

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    Mar 2012
    Yes Allen, sorry if I wasnt clear. I see distotions gator thats latex in water. Frightprops has those giant octopus tenticals. I just wanted to know how are they doing it without the foam absorbing the water or how to water proof it.

    The other thing I noticed by testing is it floats.....

    Thank you,
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