In my particular case. I have you guessed it,... ANOTHER dilemma. I have at least 60ft to travel my guests from building #1 (the house) to building #2.

1. Should I build a walk way, and if so, how would you do it?

2. Should I make the house (building#1) a stand alone haunt? BESIDES the carport which I can get 2 rooms out of, the house has 7 usable rooms for the haunt. Kitchen, Bathroom scene, Bedroom #1, Bedroom #2, Living room which will be split, Downstairs room (was a garage but turned into a room) and the dining room. Giving the carport out back, I should have about 9 rooms to detail etc. My brother and everyone else that's walked it with us talking about our ideas for the room, swear it's an $8 haunt by itself. Seeing as to how the others in this area were $10 and MUCH less of a haunt (I'm really not trying to knock these haunts, but hanging masks on a wall with Spirit Halloween tags still visable isn't a great thing to me) and EVERYONE that had something to say about it coming out of that haunt said it sucked. Sooo yeah, we can beat that with the house by itself.

Question is, is it worth it to cut the attraction in two, mainly because I'm nervous about building a 60ft walk way to keep the patrons from "leaving" the element of the haunt? I don't want them just walking back out into the parking lot, pallet cleansers sure, but I don't want them to lose the initiative we built inside the haunt just before continuing with the rest of it.

How can I build a cheap wall system? I was thinking about 2x4's, painted, drilled and staked through the asphalt and hang material, fake corn stalks (Thanks Allen) etc to keep them from being so bleeded out traveling the 60ft or so.

I was initially going to build a cave here, but since the robbery and a few other snags, budget's gotten much smaller.

Here's some pics, mostly used from the last thread, I know.