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Thread: DOUBLE Drop Window?

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    Nov 2008
    Mesquite, TX
    Do it! I think it will work great, I think it needs to be at the end of a long hall in order to be effective, at a point where folks slow down to let their friends catch up. I think it will get a good scare.

  2. Default Tweek this a bit... 
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    Aug 2012
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    I'm just going to throw my two cents in but please don't think I am thinking it is a bad idea because I don't. My only concern for you is that traditionaly a drop panel is heavy enough to have some weight to it which results in a loud bang or thud. That noise is the initial scare and an actor is an added bonus effect; put the two of them together and you have a great scare.

    The only down side that I see is that one panel drops and your initial scare may send some running and your real scare hasn't even gone off yet. One way to help your idea is to not weight the first panel down and to cushion the drop with something thus allowing the second drop panel to be the effective one.

    My vision is that you have this scare down a hallway (as previously mentioned by another) dropping the first panel while the "target" is still a little away and approaching it. When they come closer than drop the second panel (heavily weighted in my opinion for a better scare).

    Just my thoughts.... but please let me know how it works either way you do it. I'm anxious to hear.


  3. Default Drop Panel Design 
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    Aug 2008
    Near Pittburgh, Pa
    Using a standard 4x8 sheet of plywood 1/2" Thick Frame the outter edge with 2x4.

    Then going in 1 foot from either side down the length install a second set of 2x4's (making a track for the panel to slide in)

    Cut a 2'x2' hole then on a new peice of plywood cut a panel larger than the hole.

    Screw two 2x4 's along the edge to guide the panel to the floor (On the inside of the track)

    I also screwed one 2x4 to the bottom to take hitting the floor as to not chip up the plywood.
    Michael Chilson
    Brookdale Campground Haunted Halls
    Kozy Rest Campground Haunted Hay Ride
    ScareHouse Pittsburgh, Pa (Actor)
    Designer & Technical Director

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