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Thread: Rock n Roll Haunt Music

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  1. Default Rock n Roll Haunt Music 
    I'm looking for rock n roll/heavy metal haunt music to get the customers pumped up before entering the haunt. I fell in love with some of Nightwish's songs: Scaretale, Storytime, Wish I Had an Angel; but i obviously don't have permission to use their music. Does anyone know of good rock/heavy metal haunt music to use in a que line that I could get permission to use. Or does anyone currently use Nightwish music and successfully contacted them?


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    All royalty free, just register your haunt on his site. i know of several haunts that use Jerry's music for their queue lines...

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    I have to agree with Badger,
    Jerry is a hell of a nice guy & his music is exactly what you need, if you want to stay "out of trouble" and not have to pay royalties.

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    Agreed as well... Jerry Vayne....Funny, I was actually listening to him when I saw this message
    Like a midget at a urinal, you gotta be on your toes


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    You can purchase an ASCAP license and play Nightwish's music at your show. You just can't edit or alter the material from its original form. There are literally hundreds of different licenses for just about every form of business, TV, Radio, internet etc. The license below is the one you need to acquire in order to use Nightwish's music in a haunted house. In addition to their music it also gives you the ability to play just about anyone else's music as well. They cover millions of artists. The license covers you for a year and is a couple hundred dollars. However, because Haunted Houses are only open to the public for a limited amount of days for a short period of time during a day it's possible that you can get the fees decreased according to your amount of days open. It's different for everyone depending on days open, times, how many attractions and possible attendance. Contact ASCAP and talk to them about your show.

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  6. Default Uncle jerry vane is the man !!!!!! 
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    The ultimate haunt rocker !!!!!!!!!

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