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Thread: Cheese cloth

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  1. Default swamp 
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    Feb 2012
    Atlantic City (area), NJ
    Yeah, its all inside & the swamp is about 3,200' sq.ft. The cost of the overall project has been pretty accurate EXCEPT for all the additional BS this FM is throwing at us. Yeah he's been a real piece of work to deal with...but we'll get thru his shit...eventually!


  2. Default Helpful hints about FMs 
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    Aug 2012
    Oklahoma City, OK
    Just a side note about FMs. I know they mean well (usually) and they are ALWAYS safety concious but I also know they can be the biggest pain in the *** making you want to pull your hair out!!!

    Here is how I usually deal with them. I keep in contact with them year round and make friends with them (trust me, this helps). Go get him/her and take them out for coffee or bring some doughnuts down to the fire station. I ask them questions regarding safety and fire to show that I truely care about those issues. Make an evacuation plan and place fire extinguishers around. I might throw in the fact that my father is a retired fire fighter and that I have a degree in Emergency Management too, hey it can't hurt!

    If they see you as an allie and not a liability their attitude turns around 180 degrees.

    Seriously though if anyone is having issues with their Fire Marshall PM me and I will help you out in coming up with a mitigation plan, emergency operating procedure, or whatever.


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