We are happy to announce a new addition to the HauntApps.com platform! Our new “Queue Line Entertainment System” using our QR scanning functionality.

One problem themed attractions face is keeping your attendees entertained while standing in line. Some attendees can wait up to 45 mins or longer depending on the attraction and crowd. How do you keep those guest happy while they wait? Some use in-queue actors while others play projected movies on large screens. But if your guest has their mobile phone, then they have a whole entertainment package in their hand already!

With our new Queue Line Entertainment System, you simply post a variety of small signs throughout your queue line with special QR codes printed on them. When a guest scans the QR code with your custom branded HauntApp, they are then displayed a special message, website, or even a video is loaded on their device.

Imagine being able to let your guest watch a series of specially created videos telling the backstory of your haunt and iconic characters while they wait getting them in the right mental state before entering your haunt! Or perhaps you can have them sent to a special form where they can submit their name and email for a chance to win special prizes! Now you’ve got some valuable marketing info to use later!

And it doesn’t stop there. This system can be used outside the queue line as well! You can place QR codes on your own printed advertisements like magazine and newspaper ads, posters and even billboards that when scanned by the app, take them to anywhere on the web that you want! YouTube videos, specially created websites, and more! Anytime year round!

The HauntApps.com Interactive Queue Line Entertainment System can be added to any HauntApp for a one-time setup fee of $300 and a yearly service fee of $50!

If your looking for a great way to interact with your guest, keep them entertained while they wait in your queue, and encourage guest to download and install your attractions mobile app, this is a feature that you will want to offer in your application!

To get started getting your own custom branded app, click here to signup!

If your already a HauntApps.com client, submit a request to add this feature to your app by clicking here!