On browsing the fog chiller posts on here and other websites I feel like the topic of fog chilling has been beaten to death so I feel like I'm being an idiot for posting yet another. But there's a topic I really need help on that is stressing me a little to think about because I can't test it myself now. I've never used fog machines before so I have no experience to fall back on.

Fog chilling outdoors in October:

I understand the concept: fog comes out hot, you chill it to below the outside temp, and the fog goes down. My question is can you chill to any good effect outdoors in October at night? I'm in Georgia and it looks like the night temperature is around 60 degrees in October. Will fog chilling with ice help enough that it's worth it? And my biggest fear is the fog just shoots straight up into the trees and won't stay down no matter what I do. I know the wind is a big factor but my trail is heavily wooded and so far I haven't noticed a lot of wind current... which I could have really used on those hot July afternoons clearing the trail.

Anyone wanna share their experiences? I hope this isn't one of those industry secrets no one wants to share because I need some insight.

Thank you for your time,