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Thread: Ticket boot / Concession placement...

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  1. Default Ticket boot / Concession placement... 
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    Nov 2011
    I personally have an odd setup, I know. But it's what I've got so I gotta roll with it.

    I've got some pictures to help paint the ... picture. So bare wit me and let me show you what I got, and describe my dilema.

    First, I have a parking lot with initially 150 parking spaces. I'm using some of those for the haunt buildings, so I have about 120 Parking spaces in a lot. that's the first thing you see when you come down the road, is the lot.
    Second, is my buildings for the haunt, I call them buildings #2 and #3. Building #1 is the house.

    I need to know what you guys' opinions on where to put the ticket booth and concession stand. My wife thinks it'd be best to put it on the end of Building #3, but I don't think that's the best spot. I personally think it'd be better to have at least the concession stand in the middle of the que line. People are more likely to purchase something if it's closer to them (when they're in line). Look at the pics and see what you think.

    The large blue brick building you see in pic #3 is what we WERE going to have it in. Now, the que line is just going to be in front of it. They'll line up in front of this building and the que line entertainment will be to the left, along the haunt buildings. I think the concession (at least) should be about where the trailer is.

    Now, pic #1, it was discussed to have a wall about 10 foot inside of that building, and have the ticket sales there and also let the exit be next to it. So the people buying tickets get to see the folks coming out.

    The last pic, I think you can figure out, the parking lot is to the right, as is the main road. The problem with this setup that I know is, the cars in the lot are blocking almost anything I do to the front. If the lot is even half full, people driving by will only be seeing the top half of the walls. So i'll be painting "Haunted House" or "Night Terrors Haunted House" across the tops of the walls in large letters.

    Any ideas? Should I have ticket sales on the end of the buildings? Or even between the buildings and the parking lot? We plan on having lights and strobes for attention getters for the drive byers. So I don't think we'll really NEED the ticket sales out front.

    Just curious as to what you guys think.

    I'd appreciate any and all input.

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    rfsystems Guest
    Whats with the grassy area behind the house? Or between the blue building and the house? If you split up the buildings putting the connsessions and ticket booth between them might be a better fit. Whats with the blue building? Who's is it?

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    Nov 2011
    The grass is just the yard, it's not very big and wouldn't be a good spot because of blocks in the ground etc and placement of the HVAC.

    The building is ours. We leased it till November, at which time if the haunt does well, we sign a rent to own contract. $1,000 a month rent, $12,000 at the end of the season ($2,000 a month split up) and the lump of $12,000 goes straight toward principle.

    The building was a day care. Soon as you go in the double doors, there's a small office to the right, a short hallway straight for 15' then hallways left and right. Another small office to the right and a larger room to the left. We couldn't think of a smooth flow inside the building for the ticket sales etc. If it opened up straight into a big room, it'd been perfect.


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    rfsystems Guest
    This post and http://www.hauntworld.com/haunted_ho...t-or-2-element tis post should combined. Once you figure out one, you'll have figured out the other.

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    Nov 2011
    Actually I respectfully disagree. I only want one location of a ticket booth. This isn't relevant to whether I have a 2 element haunt or 1. Basically, I can have it at the end of building #3, should be the first picture, or on the side of it, between the old church building and building #3. I think I've already ruled out putting it out front. No point if the first set of cars hide it! That's the way I'm thinking anyways.

    Que line for 1 haunt will be the same for the "first haunt" if I make it two. I'll just put the 2nd haunt's que line in front of building #2, which is technically behind haunt 1. Jeez, that sounds confusing, doesn't it.

    Also, as far as having 2, to keep it all open and where people can see the strung up lights etc, it doesn't matter, the 2 carports will be hiding 90% of it anyways... I wish I had a better setup, or at least the buildings up by the road instead.


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    rfsystems Guest
    Here was my thought... If you have 2 events and 2 que lines, I would think you might consider locating the ticket booth and concessions between the two so they are constantly visable from the que lines. Possibly increasing consession sales and making it easier for workers to help keep an eye on things at the same time. Plus, it doesn't look like there is any water run out to the metal buildings. Thats why I asked about the blue building in another post.

    The haunt I volunteer at made it (struggled) one season without water in the concession stand. Hooked up a hose the second and hard plumbed it the third. Just my two cents...

    Which way is the public going to enter the property? Where are they parking in relation to your carport buildings?
    Last edited by rfsystems; 08-03-2012 at 09:34 PM.

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    Nov 2011
    I forgot to get yall better / more pics. Sorry.

    Look at the first 2 pics. This is the view as we pull in. We go past the carports and turn around, hence the Caliber facing the camera.

    The parking lot and the road to come in on is to the left. The parking is between the buildings and the road.

    We have a hose long enough to reach the concession, but you're right, we'll need water there.

    Ohh, and I do agree with you. That's what I was thinking, was trying to keep... I see what you were saying now. My bad. Yeah, I'd like for ticket sales and concession both to be about center mass, but like I think Greg stated in the other thread, having the people congregating in a visable place would be nice to have driver by's looking and seeing. But I was just wanting professional's opinions. Thanks.


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