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Thread: 25 years and still gooing strong!

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  1. Default 25 years and still gooing strong! 
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    Dec 2008
    Well kids, this year marks our 25th anniversary in operation at the Nightmare Factory.

    What a run it has been too. Some amazing achievements have been made and we have survived this economy, the ups and downs of running a haunt, and all the heart ache that goes along with being somewhat pro, yet a charity.

    The support of the city of Salem and all of Oregon has been truly heartwarming, to this day, I am always amazed at the number of people that show up each year. Even before Extreme Makeover we did some healthy number, but now, well it boggles the mind!

    We are working hard and fast to get ready to open in October, once again we are offer something new and exciting for our guests.

    25 years.... From a four night event to 12 nights this year, yes we've been open longer, but remember, this event is run by students and volunteers. Can't abuse that!

    I want to send out a great big thank you and love you to anyone that had anything to do with the makeover, and to let you know that even though ABC never kept their end of the deal, your work and donations are appreciated every time I go into the haunt.

    Happy haunting season everyone, have a great year.
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    Mar 2010
    Abc didn't keep their end of the deal? They had a deal? Lol

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