I personally sponsored a non-profit Haunt for 4 years and raised thousands for the kids, but paid thousands to buy props and costumes.
I told the non profit organization I have to change everything this year. Previous 4 years they kept 100% of all money made.
I am a huge supporter of the Non-profit so a few years investing was fine, but now, I need to be paid.
Do you recommend Incorporating and buying Special Event Insurance if I only invoice my services to the Non Profit?
Can I pick one or the other? ( We don't have LLC in Canada)
I would own and run the Haunt, but I worry the non-profit Assoc. wouldn't give me 50+ volunteers if they go from 100% profit down to 30% of the ticket sales.
I don't think an Accountant or Lawyer could give me better advice than this Forum.