Hey guys I am looking for a couple partners for the Design / Development of a Haunted Attraction for 2013.

Currently tracking down the building owner to discuss visiting the site and future purchasing and development.

I am currently seeking financial backing for the purchase of the haunt and construction of the facility.

It is located outside of Pittsburgh, Pa and would be in competition with Scare House ranked in the top 5 Haunts in 2011.

Difference is this haunt is located in a old Hospital Building currently abandoned.

Please contact me if you would be interested in helping to fund this venture. I would like to see a 70/30 split

And I estimate a initial investment of anywhere from 100K to 700k depending on internal condition of building and permitting required.

I would like to see a 5 year return on investment of over $1,000,000 Profit.

Happy Scaring!! Hope to get this idea off the ground... Be part of a great haunted attraction in a truly awful building.