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Thread: NETHERWORLD Haunted House

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    Ben, Do you and the Netherworld crew have actor training days/events? What topics/subjects/exercises do you guys cover?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Speculo View Post
    Yes it is hot and yes it takes a special kind of actor to endure a silicone mask and or full suit! But sometimes you find the right actor with the right mask and they love it so much they don't mind. Some tips.. when they go on break they wash the silicone masks with cold water. We stress Drink drink drink water and gatorade and have special water bottles and drink holders for each position. EVERY night any costume or costume element that can be washed IS washed, including robes, dresses coats, shirts, gloves, blackout costumes and masks, etc. Big suits or Dryclean only type costumes are sprayed with En-Bac and hung to get maximum air circulation. Sweat destroys lots of masks and paint jobs so it it a constant job to clean, repair, and repaint all of the gear.

    We are very proud of the staff that keeps the costumes, masks and props clean and looking good for each nights performance, because fabricating or buying nice costumes is only half the battle. Heck the silicone masks are constantly being repaired as well. Personally I find the heat to be insane sometimes when I act, until the act of scaring and entertaining the guests pushes all discomfort to the side.
    Thanks Ben I'm sure many others found that interesting as well. It must be great to cultivate such a dedicated crew of actors.


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    We usually meet once a month when we can. We watch movies, training tapes etc. We have experienced actors and or myself cover aspects of Haunt acting and other skills in assorted classes. For years we would travel and do an acting trip somewhere every summer but the build has precluded that the last few years. We gear up for Dragon Con and do the parade and booth all weekend. We are lucky to have a great staff and crew and try to have fun. We try to get traveling actors to come in during the season to expose the actors to new ideas. Pretty much the same stuff most of you do I am sure!
    Ben Armstrong

  4. Default NETHERWORLD Haunted House 2013 Downstairs Show Theme Revealed! 
    NETHERWORLD Haunted House 2013 Downstairs Show Theme Revealed!

    A malevolent Entity keeps his victims trapped in a nightmare world and feeds on their fears in NETHERWORLDS shocking basement haunt – Boogeyman!

    Boogeyman Logo Color FINAL.jpg

    The Boogeyman Nursery Rhyme
    ( Collected from the homes of the victims)

    Better not step upon a crack
    Boogeyman put you in his sack!

    Break a mirror or spill some salt
    Boogeyman says it all your fault!

    Walk under a ladder or see a black cat
    Boogeyman says you’re tasty and fat!

    If I should die before I wake
    Boogeyman gets my soul to take!

    Run as far and fast as you can
    There is no escaping the Boogeyman!

    ************************************************** *******************************
    Hospital logs relating to the case:

    Log Entry 72:
    Never before had we seen anything like it. Six people with no connection whatsoever admitted with horrible nightmares. Then despite the best medical science had to offer they all slip into comas. Seemingly locked into horrific dreams.

    Log Entry 84:
    The patients continue to suffer terribly. Despite flooding their systems with sedatives the adrenaline pumping through them non stop is slowly destroying both the heart and the circulatory systems. There is no physical reason for the comas. All tests are negative.

    Log Entry 92:
    Turns out there is a connection after all. It seems all of them as children attended at least one semester of elementary school at Wormwood Academy near the old Bostwick Meat Processing Plant. Nothing at all remarkable about that, except the area was famous as the site of the so called “Mangler” murders all those years ago.

    Log Entry 107:
    The families of the patients have let us search their computers and personal papers for anything that can help us solve the mystery. I hope we can find something soon, they don’t have much time.

    Log Entry 111:
    More coincidences – I have found in all of their paperwork bits and pieces of an old nursery rhyme about the “Boogeyman.” This makes no sense. There is no record of them having contact in the last 10-15 years!

    Log Entry 117:
    They have agreed to my request. I will use the Neural Macro Phase Decoder to “see” what they are seeing in the dream state. Hopefully I will be able to learn from their subconscious the source of nightmares, and with that knowledge find a cure. I know it’s new technology but in almost every other clinical trial we have had overwhelmingly positive results. We might as well try… without some progress we will probably lose the first one within the week…

    Log Entry 118 : Final Entry
    Ugh… Not in good shape this morning. Crazy dreams about a shadowy figure trying to put a large bag over my head… I woke up gasping for air! Not good to go into a sleep experiment without a good nights rest. Must have been that creepy poem we found in the notes..?

    OK going to work… Wish me luck!
    Ben Armstrong

  5. Default NETHERWORLD Haunted House 2013 Main Show Theme Revealed! 
    NETHERWORLD Haunted House 2013 Main Show Theme Revealed!

    An ancient unstoppable evil is summoned to punish mankind in NETHERWORLD “s Terrifying new 2013 Haunt… The Dead Ones!

    The Dead Ones Logo Color FINAL.jpg

    The Dead Ones
    In the untold eons of man’s existence we have always acknowledged the ancient powers that dwell in the eternal darkness between worlds. For when we no longer sacrifice as they demand and forget the rituals and customs that appease these forces there is a price.

    They release the Dead Ones.
    When the Dead Ones come there are no drums of war, no bugles that call legions to battle. A whisper on the winds, perhaps a coldness where no cold belongs, and a howling of animals are the only calling cards that history records.

    In the dark of the moon when the Dead Ones come old people die, the weak grow sick and gray streaks stain the hair of children. To hear them brings madness, to see them brings pain and to touch them means a quick and agonizing death. Stone cracks, iron rusts and crops wither when they roam the lands, and where once laughter and life ruled only bones and dust remain.
    The Dead Ones come when we ignore our superstition, when we laugh into the Abyss, when we think that we are the rulers of creation. The Abyss does not like to be denied.

    Twice they have come that history records.
    First they came to a race of giants – a golden age of industry and philosophy sent crashing into ruin. Only the most powerful Primordial Titan survived whimpering in horror, to spend eternity in the darkness guarding the skulls of his dead race.

    Second they appeared to a race of men, one of the first to emerge into the light of reason. But the Dead Ones came and all but obliterated them from memory. A small group survived and having learned their lesson embraced the darkness and began a century of evil and ritual to appease the dwellers in the void. They founded a foul and depraved city, YS and summoned many noxious things into our world.

    But all was not lost…

    A sect of warriors and scientists, The Illuminati found a way to hold the Dead Ones at bay. They discovered the Herald of the Dead Ones, the Inquisitor and destroyed him. They took his accursed mask, his connection to the void, and bound in cold iron it was left in YS as the city was sunk beneath the waves by science and sorcery. Freed from the fear of the void man could now live in peace and our mighty civilizations grew and flourished.

    The Dead Ones faded from memory, but the rituals and superstitions performed to appease them were still practiced, primarily in the fall of the year during the harvest season. Some believed these rituals kept them away but others knew the truth…without their Herald, the Inquisitor and his mask, The Dead Ones could not rise to heed the voids call. They slept dead but undying in their hidden temple guarded by an ancient serpent. But over the long years of peace the rituals were forgotten and man turned his back on superstition and fear – the legend of the Dead Ones and their terrible vengeance had all but faded from memory.

    The Blood Night
    During the horrors of the Blood Night when the beasts of the NETHERWORLD were released on the earth the Illuminati battled to turn back the darkness. At last they were victorious and the sun returned but the price was a vast depletion of their powers. The noxious city of YS long held below the waves rose once again freeing Banshees and other twisted nightmares to hunt once more.

    But worst of all, the mask of the Inquisitor, the Herald of the Dead Ones, was lost. Now some say a new Herald has risen and soars the night with flocks of Banshees watching the cities of men. If the Herald has returned, then he will report to the ancient powers that dwell in the eternal darkness between worlds. He will tell them that the rituals have been forgotten and a time of reckoning must come.

    And they will release the Dead Ones. ….
    There have been reports of a whisper on the winds, perhaps a coldness where no cold belongs, and a strange howling of animals….
    A weird temple has been found in an ancient burial ground where no temple was before… and there is dust that covers everything near it…

    Go now into the Temple my children and if your hair should turn gray….

    The Dead Ones have returned!
    Ben Armstrong

  6. Default NETHERWORLD on USA Network 
    We rented some props to the USA show Necessary Roughness and the show aired tonight...
    Time to start an IMDB page for the Collector!

    NR Collecter 2.jpgNR Collector one copy.jpgNR Collector two shot copy.jpg
    Ben Armstrong

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    Finally we have a Quagmire! Been wanting one of these for 17 years and we finally found a used one. Here it is framed and newly painted and restored by Roy Wooley our creature fabricator - Who remembers this beauty from Stage Fright Studios?

    Quagmire NETHERWORLD.jpg

    I know..Shane is going to say I am a hoarder!
    Ben Armstrong

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    Mar 2010
    So unbelievably jealous! I LOVE that quagmire prop, I've been looking high an low for one...

    And there's nothing wrong with being a hoarder!

  9. Default NETHERWORLD at the Dragocon Parade 
    Ben Armstrong

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    We just did a photoshoot and Video shoot...

    Thought I would share some photos...


    Attached Images
    Last edited by Speculo; 09-19-2013 at 08:54 AM.
    Ben Armstrong

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